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Online Casino Integration

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So, you’ve made up your mind to launch your online casino. You’ve also made a thorough analysis of the market and calculated a business plan. Next, you created a marketing strategy, chose casino games, and prepared casino promotions. The final and crucial step is to make casino game integration. Now that’s where we come in.

Our Products

We design next-generation entertainment solutions by providing our clients with a complete turnkey portfolio of casino games.

  • Slot games
  • Live Casino Games

A casino isn’t complete if you haven’t added integrated games. So games are an essential part of any online casino. We at Mougle cooperate with the best online casino game providers to offer our clients creative, innovative, and qualitative products. These games come in different packages, and our products often match the needs of people who’ve invested in our services.


We’ll provide you with all gamification features, which will make the gaming process exciting for your casino players.

Mobile compatibility

In today’s world, most people prefer a mobile experience to a desktop one. But keep in mind that when developing and also promoting your casino, always use mobile-friendly gaming products.

API integration

API is known as a set of IT methods by which gaming content is technically added to specific casino space. Integrating Providers’ games separately could take days or months – which is why we offer different packages of products. Each of these products is provided via single API integration. Meanwhile, our system allows us to integrate the entire gaming system into your casino in a few days or sometimes a month.

Mougle Casino Game Integrating Benefits

At Mougle, we provide you with easy and seamless integration of various games from the gambling industry’s top developers: live dealer games, slots, card games, virtual sports, poker, casual games, and card games. In addition, the technical solution we offer allows you to add games to any platform, saving operators time at the end of the day.

Thousands of games

Over a thousand mobile-friendly casino games from more than 100 most popular and innovative game suppliers in a single platform

Ongoing technical Support

Yea, you read that correctly! A single-entry point for solving absolutely any issues related to casino game content. The professional team assists at each step of integration and renders ongoing technical Support at a competent level.

One-time integration

One-time API integration offers users access to thousands of popular online casino games.

Easy content management

The solution allows new providers, see which casino games prove successful and mix the games in your online casino suite to help find content that’ll ultimately appeal specifically to your players. Other benefits include:

Fast and secure

Our HTML5 games are fully optimized for top-notch performance.

  • Worldwide operations
  • Single integration
  • One contract
  • New games weekly
  • Jackpots
  • Tournaments
  • Certified and Licensed software
  • Mobile friendly

Bonuses and promotions

Mougle casino game software solutions include popular casino game types, such as bingo, poker, slots, and so much more, with payment integrations, optimized security features, and RGNs.

Casino Game Software Integration

Integrate primary and security databases for data migration, program credit validation systems to integrate with a credit line, ATM capabilities, and cash advance.

Casino Game Software Security

Design cryptographic protocols to secure application-level data transportation, including entity authentication, key agreement, non-repudiation methods, and symmetric encryption.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

Random Number Generators (RNG) integration solutions include integration applications with the four major casino player tracking systems: Konami, IGT, Bally’s, and IGT.

How game integration works – technically.

First and foremost, your technician will need to go through our API documentation. This is the document that explains how these actions: creating a player, authorizing him (the players), obtaining a list of all possible casino games for sale, exchange of info about players’ bets and winnings, and running a selected game. Reiteratively, the document explains how these listed actions should be technically introduced within a code.

The API documentation describes our gaming platform and how it should be received, and the responses that it’s meant to send back. In simple terms, it describes how the two systems should be interlinked.

A pool of casino games to buy

We work only with tried, trusted, licensed, and certified game developers and continuously expand our partnership network. Our main goal is to offer our clients high-quality products that guarantee user’s trust and satisfaction.

Online Casino Platform

Grow your brand’s visibility and lift-off with our technical solution for online casino development. We’ve got products consciously designed to help you navigate the casino space. It also allows you to customize your iGaming platform from the back- to the front-end and manage all aspects of daily casino operations.

Games for all online casinos

We have a pool of unique games topped up with different bonuses and features. The entire games in our catalog for sale are HTML5, 100% omnichannel, cross-platform, and adaptive. But, that’s not all; the games are hosted on a reliable server, SLA uptime 99.9%.

These games are seamless and wallet API integration protocols: transparent, secure, extensible, customizable on demand of the client, built according to industry standards. Free rounds promo-feature by API for games in the slot category. Professional approach to quality design.

Games Integration

Mougle cooperates with game providers from around the world, coupled with many well-known companies too. To make a purchased license work properly, it is necessary to integrate games via API protocol from Mougle. Connecting games this way is relatively easy, fast, and available to all our clients.

Game providers release the most diverse game content packed with distinctive features, drawbacks, and advantages. In addition, production constantly uses animations, 3D graphics, and modern cross-platform solutions to help audiences play PCS, smartphones, and tablets.

Mougle professionals will also put you through how to go about integrating games on your platform the right way. They’ll also show you the possible pitfalls that might interfere with your work and what game content will make your business more profitable and attractive. But, that’s not all; our clients will receive comprehensive information on the selection of games and how it’s done, taking into account the target audience, the desires of online casino owners (you), and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our company’ specialists are advance. We’ve got a team of experts paid to help you add exciting game software to your casino platform, customize games to minimize potential risks, and ensure stability. As a result, you’ll get a healthy resource with top-notch content that’ll increase profit and traffic on the site.

Factors to consider when choosing a game software provider for your casino

  1. Magnetic design, coupled with realistic games. Enthralling gaming software has the potential to create an environment of happiness or fear.
  2. You also need to consider the functionality and user experience of the software players that are interested in a comfortable game with quality design and fantastic gameplay.
  3. A wide variety of casino games. The essential thing to note is that software should be diverse, not the templated one.
  4. Performance and operating speed of the software in question. For any casino game, even the most resource-intensive one, to work on different devices, you must consider the hardware features of the devices.

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Online Casino Integration
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