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Getting your online casino site on the first page of any search engine is a daunting task, considering the current competition in the market. But, if you are currently reading this, then you’ve come to the right place. At Mougle, we’ll make use of the right approach. We’ve got the close-to-perfect link-building strategy that will surely fuel your online success while also taking you far ahead.

At Mougle, we offer quality iGaming link-building services that assure measurable results for casino companies aspiring for sustainable results.

Casino SEO link building is quite different from the typical link building because this domain itself is challenging, and of course, others too. The competitiveness of the casino industry makes link-building vital to stay ahead of rivals in terms of ranking and trust. While search engine ranking is without a doubt the mainstay, you still need to go the extra mile to build the correct links.

How we do it?


We understand the gambling industry is competitive, but that’s why we want to help you get the oomph you need. At Mougle, we’ll help you edge out your rivals, thanks to our new and efficient program to improve the visibility of all online casinos in the gambling industry. With direct access to nearly 10,000 bloggers who accept gambling links, we provide our clients with unrivaled and unparallel reach in all countries, especially in the UK.

We help with SEO instantly. can help you do SEO the right way, increasing your visibility and your casino site’s domain authority in a practice search engine that grows with a steady supply of SEO-friendly articles. We’ll also help you post on the blog section of your casino site or from high authority blogs, as well as some bloggers’ social media channels.

How it works

Casino link building is more of an art – being able to blend relevance with sheer volume. Remember, the basics remain the same. However, you also have to consider the challenges and requirements of the industry to create a plan that works.

You need to partner with professionals to help you grow and rank well in this ever-competitive space. So, what are the elements you need for a perfect link building strategy – we follow the process at Mougles:

Keyword Identification

The search terms for the casino industry can be pretty generic and competitive. Therefore, we note these keywords that you already rank for, including those that aren’t fully utilized but can also be used to enhance your current position.

We’ll focus more on creating a personalized keyword system for uniquely tailoring your marketing campaign and matching it with your future goals.

Website and SEO audit

We’ve got a team of experts who typically start with a complete diagnosis and analysis of your casino website, coupled with a detailed SEO audit. Next, we take an in-depth look at your existing link profile and view all that can be done to help improve it. Now, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we come up with tailored packages aimed at helping our clients to make vital improvements.

Content Creation

We’ve got a team of experienced writers who specialize in creating top-notch and engaging content specific to business needs. The content is designed to match the guidelines of the blog where it has to be published. We also ensure that each piece fits the top-quality standards to ensure consistency and value.

Manual Outreach

As part of our link-building strategy, we manually handle outreach to niche-relevant and high-authority blog posts for getting quality backlinks for your website. We also collaborate with these top sites to host our content to reach our targeted audience. Simultaneously, our outreach strategy aims to help build your DA (domain authority) in the long run.

Mougle’s step guide for all clients or prospective clients

Step 1:

  • Define goals, budget, timing, audience.
  • Prepare action plan and timeline
  • Identify clear opportunities

Step 2:

  • Develop promotions
  • Create content

Step 3:

  • Compensate bloggers
  • Select relevant bloggers
  • Confirm fulfillment of requirements
  • Secure blogger participation

Step 4:

  • Deliver final results reports
  • Provide interim monitoring reports

Link Building Benefits

1. Genuine Outreach

We secure lots of placements on sites. These are sites we’ve outreached to, of course, genuinely. But note, it’s strictly no PBN site.

2. Full transparency

What stands us apart from our rivals is our ability to be 100% full transparency. With us, you get to pick the websites to build links with extensively.

3. In content links

Links editorially exist within the flow of the content, not author boxes, though.

4. Do follow quality links

The DA of 10 to 50 or higher:

  • DR 35 – 40
  • The traffic of 1K or Higher
  • Traffic value (Semrush)
  • No spam score

5. No duplication

At Mougle, we keep records of all your orders; that way, we never duplicate placements per domain.

Why choose Mougle?

  • Above all casino websites and content, before we publish the blog post: You need not take any chances. With us, you’ll know what you are getting.
  • We have access to thousand blogs that accept casino links: Scale campaigns effectively without the need to compromise quality – remember, quality trumps quantity.
  • Access a range of top gambling bloggers: Social sharing of blog posts to enhance SEO benefits for your casino websites.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: Get in touch with your PM anytime and receive status updates frequently.

Reasons why your rivals are currently using our services right now

More importantly, we have a complex and pervasive network of websites in diverse niches and the casino industry. So rest assured that we’ve got you covered, and what you’ll get from us is nothing but the best. When you invest in us, you’re bound to get a quality link from the top domains.

  • Our casino link-building services are well-tailored to the needs of every one of our clients. Not to worry, the service is unique to every one of our clients. We also aspire to help you attract more traffic while giving you the visibility you deserve. One other perk of this service is the improvement of your search ranking.
  • We scale all of our campaigns without compromising quality
  • At Douglas, we follow a detailed and efficient process to help address all challenges while also matching our client’s expectations. Since we’ve worked for multiple clients in this industry, we understand how to go about it.
  • A team of link-building and expert outreach specialists, as well as seasoned casino content writers, gives us that “oomph.” We push further and go the extra mile for our clients to ensure consistent, agile results.
  • Highly engaged content creators in a variety of relevant niches
  • Now, your campaigns can be completed in no time.
  • Our team of experts also understands the iGaming industry, from lotteries to lotteries, casinos, and more. So no matter what kind of business you’re currently running, you can rest assured that you’ll get the needed results in no time.
  • We manage the content for your links while you focus on the big picture.
Online Casino SEO Link Building Service
Win Up to 500 Free Spin