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Here at, we love blackjack just as much as you. That’s why we know the struggle behind finding the perfect blackjack online casino. If you consider yourself a diehard blackjack fan, you are in the right place. We will make your time worthwhile you’ll get all the information you need regarding blackjack from here.

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What You Need to Know About Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most prominent casino games in the history of casinos. With the evolution of online casinos over the years, blackjack has remained the favourite among people. Blackjack is often associated with live dealer games because it is a live dealer game.

Blackjack online is played with real people and a real dealer. The entire game is streamed from a cutting-edge studio where the dealer deals the cards and the players can participate from anywhere in the world.

Online blackjack UK casino is such an immersive experience that it has managed to maintain its charm for the longest time.

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The Backstory of Blackjack

The actual origin of blackjack is still a debated topic. But there are enough researches to show that blackjack was played in the casinos in France and that too in the 17th century. At that time, the game was called ‘Vingt-et-Un’ which means 21.

Thanks to the French colonists, blackjack found its way to America in the 18th century. The original game has evolved a lot since then and it was hugely popular in America at that time.

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Some popular theories suggest that blackjack was invented in Rome. The reason this theory particularly excels is that it is believed that the Romans were all for gambling. Unlike modern-day blackjack, it was played with wooden blocks with numbers painted on them at that time.

The modern-day blackjack as we know it now is very different from its original form. For example, only the dealer was able to double at the initial stage. The name 21 went for quite some time before it was changed to blackjack.

The rules still change depending on the house. While the basic rules and strategies remain the same, each online casino has its own set of rules that sets it apart from other casinos.

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But why do people love blackjack so much?

The answer to this question is very simple. Simplicity. Blackjack is one of the simplest card games out there. Players around the world understand blackjack very well and get their strategies ready when its time. Simplicity has allowed blackjack to reach more people

How Does Blackjack Work?


What’s the major difference between good and great blackjack players? The great ones use a blackjack strategy. You’ve probably heard all about the famed card counting

Tips from Experts

Blackjack odds are among the best in online gaming, yet you can drop them even further if you learn from the pros.’s experts have created a list of the top blackjack tips’n’tricks

Full Guide

Blackjack is one of the oldest and biggest games in casinos both offline and online. Since the arrival of online casinos, the card game became even more popular thanks

The rules of blackjack are very simple. The actual set of rules might vary from casino to casino, but the basics are the same. Most casinos offer the European blackjack, one way or another. It’s the same thing in different packaging.

There can be up to 7 players in a table. Hence, blackjack is often called a table game. Each player goes one-on-one with the dealer. The dealer is a representative of the casinos and is trying to win as well.

The primary target of the players is to get a hand of two or more cards that is higher than the dealer in value. But the value of the hand cannot exceed 21. All of the cards have their face value. The picture cards a.k.a the King, the Queen, and the Jack have a value of 10. Ace is the most interesting card in the deck as it can be counted as 1 or 11 depending on the hand.

If the value exceeds 16, the dealer must count the Ace as 11. The player can count it as 1 or 11, whatever he/she likes. It gives the player the ability to change their mind anytime during the hand.

The blackjack hand is a hand that is 21. Counting the Ace as 11 and a picture card valued at 10 makes it a blackjack hand. A player wins automatically if he has a blackjack hand and is paid 3-2 odds. The other winning hands get paid an odd of 1-1.

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Blackjack Online Terminology

If you have some ideas regarding blackjack, you know that there are a lot of terms. If there is one thing that is hard in blackjack, that would be remembering the terms. But fear not because we are going to list them all and explain what they mean so you don’t have a hard time remembering them.

Face Cards

Face cards are simply cards that have a face. The king, the queen, and the jack are considered the face cards. Face cards come with a value of 10. In a deck, there are 12 face cards.

Hole Card

When the dealer deals his/her first card, you’ll notice that the card is kept face down until the hand is over. It’s the hole card and it’s a major card as it can determine the fate of the hand.

Understanding blackjack online terminology is very important for a better strategy.

Doubling Down

Doubling down is a very popular term. Not only in blackjack but it’s also used in a lot of different contexts. But the origin of this term is from blackjack. It essentially means a player can place an additional bet if he sees fit. It entirely depends on the hand. We’ll get to it later.


A push in a blackjack hand is when the dealer and the player have the same points. For example, they both might land a blackjack hand. In the case of a push, the bet is returned to the player. It’s a draw between the player and the dealer.

Soft Hand

Here the word soft means flexible. A hand in online blackjack is considered soft if one of the cards is an Ace. As you already know that Ace has two values, 1 and 11, the player can decide which one he wants to go with. This unique feature of Ace is the reason behind the birth of a soft hand.


A “surrender” is an option the player can take if he’s not content with the hand. He can fold the hand or ‘surrender’ it. Surrender gives you half of your bet back while discarding your hand. It’s not offered by all online casinos so it’s good practice to read the rules beforehand.


Splitting a pair allows the player to have two hands simultaneously. Splitting is a complex strategy and we’ll get to it later.


When the player is happy and doesn’t want any additional cards for the hand.


When the player asks for additional cards until he is satisfied with the hand. If the total value of the cards exceeds 21, it’s a bust and the player cannot draw any more cards. He automatically loses the bet.

Is Blackjack Online Fair?

Due to the nature of the game, it’s already hard for casinos to rig a blackjack game. Unlike online slots, there is no software involved in online blackjack. The players are real and the dealers are real as well.

However, there are card counting and sleight of hand that can lead to online blackjack scams. It’s a rare phenomenon but it happens from time to time.

But when it comes to Mougle, there is no way we are going to refer you to a fraudulent casino. We spend a lot of time playing online casino games and we only list the best of the best online casinos for you to enjoy your blackjack online.

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The casinos we suggest are very well regulated and monitored. A casino license is a very important criterion for us when we choose an online casino. The license information is verified from the concerned authority as well before we list it on our website.

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Strategies to Win in Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of strategy. It’s true for all card games. Blackjack might be simple in terms of rules but the actual spectrum of strategies is very wide. Knowing what to and when goes a long way when it comes to blackjack online.

Understanding the Hands

Getting a good grip on the blackjack hands is the easiest and most effective way of winning in blackjack. Once you understand what your hands mean, you’ll already be able to calculate the outcome of your hand.

There are hands that are stronger than the other. If you manage to land any of the strong hands, chances are you are going to win something in return. The player has to make his 17 and he can draw as many cards as it requires.

You should always stand if you get a large hand. Anything over 7 along with an Ace is a great hand. A pair of 10s a good hand for standing and a pair of picture cards is the same. Having an Ace is always a plus as you can manipulate it according to your needs.

The face card of the dealer will guide you on what to do. If the face card of the dealer is showing anything below 5, you should stand. Because the dealer must hit to get to the mark of 17. There is a strong chance that the dealer might bust his hand.


Splitting might not be a very popular technique among blackjack players, but it’s surely an appealing and effective one. You are required to have a deeper understanding of online blackjack in order to nail the split game.

Splitting a hand means separating your two cards into two separate hands. Keep in mind that you have to place a bet similar to your first one as well. There are some particular cases where you should split. In other cases, hold your ground.

If you are lucky enough to get two Aces in your hand, always split them. Ace is a very powerful card and it can take on the dealer single-handedly.

You should not split a pair of 5s because the total value of the hand is 10. 10 is a very good hand. If you hit with a pair of 5 in your hand, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with a better hand than the dealer. Rather, double down when you have such a hand.

Splitting is a strategy every blackjack player should know.

The game strategy is slightly different for higher pairs like 7s, 8s, and 9s. The face card of the dealer is very important in these cases as your action depends on them.  If the upcard is a 7, you must split your 7s because you’ll be in a better place where you can reach 17 before the dealer.

Pairs of 8s and 9s should always be split as well. Both 8 and 9 make a very compelling hand for the player. But at the same time, you need to keep an eye on the dealers up card. If it’s a 7, there is no need for a split because you are already in a stronger position.

10s shouldn’t be split because 20 is one of the most powerful hands in blackjack online. Only a blackjack hand can beat such a hand. So, stick to your 10s if you are in the situation.

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Doubling Down

The casinos will always have a house edge and the casinos are more likely to win than you’ll ever do. That’s just the nature of online casinos and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It allows you to get your head straight and fight with all you have.

Doubling down is such a strategy that lets you take on the house. Double down is done by placing an equal bet and giving up the opportunity to hit. It might seem like a ridiculous thing to do. It might be under regular circumstances.

In an online casino, the dealer always has a better chance of winning. So, when you’re certain that the dealer goes bust on the next draw, you should double down. It’s quite a risk, but the fun lies in the risks when it comes to gambling.

Playing blackjack is one of the easiest tasks if you know how to use the strategies.

The main goal behind doubling down is to keep more money on the table with the dealer goes bust. You are giving up your chance to draw more cards but you’ll get your money back if fortune favours you. If you notice that the dealer has a low-value hand, that’s a perfect opportunity for doubling down.

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Blackjack FAQ

Is blackjack online the same as regular blackjack?

Yes, both online and offline blackjack follows the same rules. The stakes might vary from casino to casino.

Are blackjack games safe?

When you’re with Mougle, every game you play is safe. Including blackjack. Our casinos are highly regulated and monitored by concerned authorities for fairness.

Is there a free bonus no deposit on blackjack?

It entirely depends on the casino. If the casino offers a bonus offer on the games, it’s very likely that the live casino will have a bonus offer as well. And no live dealer casino is complete without blackjack online.

Where can get the best payouts in blackjack? always wants you to win. As for blackjack, the best payouts always go the winning hand. The stakes are usually lower in the online version of the game, but it’s surely very interesting. The blackjack hand gets paid an odd of 3-2 while other winning bets get a 1-1 payout.

Is blackjack hard to play?

Blackjack is one of the simplest card games out there only if you know the strategies. If you’re not familiar with the strategies, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the ocean and confused about what to do. But no, blackjack is a very simple game. Just try and understand the strategies.

Why is a platform dedicated to guiding online casino players in the right direction. It’s not always easy to find an online casino that has the best intentions or offers. So, a group of passionate games has packed a team to make online casinos more enjoyable and safer.

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