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For all the online keno lovers out there, has brought you the best online casinos to play keno at your disposal. We’re a bunch of keno players like you and we know how hard it is to find good online casinos that offer legit keno games. The void has encouraged us to research and find the best reviews the best real money keno casinos, for your location.

Keno is available for mobile devices as well.

What You Need to Know About Online Keno is the best platform to know about online casinos. Online casinos that offer good things to good players. The same goes for keno as well. Keno is a lot like Bingo so there are numbers involved.

We are just as passionate as you are and we want to learn all the tips and tricks regarding keno. Also, knowing how keno works are good knowledge and every online casino player should have it.

With that said, let’s get deep into keno.

The Backstory of Keno

The first thing to know is that keno is a lottery-type game. So, the results are completely random and there is a lot of luck involved. There are many variations of keno that can be played on scratch cads, video machines and scan cards.

The basic mechanics of keno games are similar all over the world. Although there are variations, the basic rules never change. But it’s always a good idea to read the rules before you jump into playing.

Keno betting is something where you can play without wagering requirements.

There is one universally agreed aspect of keno. And it is that keno has the highest house edge when compared to other casino games. It’s agreed between the mathematicians and the statisticians all over the world. Also, keno tends to pay the lowest amount when compared to other lottery games.

The question is, why do people like to play keno?

The answer is very simple. Keno might pay less than other lottery games, but the payouts are very decent when compared to other online casino games. Also, keno offers a lot of variety when it comes to the games. It’s one of the major reasons behind the appeal of keno games.

If you’re wondering how to play keno, this is the guide you’ve been looking for.

How Does Keno Work?

Playing keno is very simple and straightforward. The basic variant of the game utilizes grids numbered through 1 to 80. You start playing by placing bets on the numbers. You have to select at least two numbers while you can go up to ten numbers when playing keno online.

The more you bet, the more you can win, obviously. At the same time, you can lose as well. Once you are done picking your numbers, the computer will randomly pull 20 numbers from the stack. The more numbers that match with your picks, the more you win. You need to hit at least 5 numbers to win a prize, that’s just the beauty of keno.

Once you’re done with the round, you can hit the clear button to clear the board and start again. Keeping the numbers is also an option if you want to go that route.

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Types of Online Keno Bets

To effectively play real money online keno bets, it’s very important that you understand the keno bets. There is four main types of bets that you can place. Each of them has its own perks.

Straight Bets

It’s the most common keno bet among the UK and the USA players. You can choose any numbers from your liking and you’ll get paid according to the numbers that match. Some casinos even pay players a certain amount return if none of the numbers are present in the final draw.

Top/Bottom Bets

Contrary to popular belief, top/bottom bets are very common among keno online players. Rather than choosing numbers from the entire range, you can choose from the top 40 numbers or the bottom 40 numbers. It’s a great way to add some fun to the mix.

It’s easy to play keno online for real money when you know what to bet.

Odd/Even Bets

These bets are very similar to the top/bottom bets of real money online keno. Rather than placing bets on the entire array, you either bet on the odd numbers or the even numbers. Alternatively, the computer might select only odd/even numbers in one go.

Combination Bets

You get to select a combination of numbers beside your usual bet. It’s often a 2 or 4 number combination. If all the numbers in your combination are drawn by the computer, you receive a bonus payout.

Are Online Keno Numbers Truly Random?

As experienced players, we’ve seen both sides of the coin. There are legit keno games and there are scams. As keno online is a number-based game, it’s very easy for a fraudulent operator to manipulate the numbers for house benefit.

As for, you’ll only find the legit casinos with legit keno games that you can enjoy peacefully. But as a precaution, you should always know that there are people out there who are willing to rob you of your hard-earned money.

Mougle is a platform based on trust. Learn how to play Keno online with us.

All the casinos that you find in are licensed and governed by respected regulatory authorities. The best thing about regulated casinos is that the games are monitored and audited periodically to ensure maximum fairness.

So, if you’re playing at an online casino suggested, rest assured that your money is safe and sound.

But there are casinos that don’t have the best intentions for you. We highly recommend playing at the best online casinos suggested by Mougle.

Strategies to Win More in Real Money Online Keno

Although there are no solid strategies to play keno online as it’s completely dependent on random number generators. But there are certain things that you can do to increase your winning likelihood.

Buy More to Win More

As only a portion of the total numbers is selected in real money keno online games, you can increase your chances by buying more tickets than one. The more you buy, the more chances you have of hitting those numbers.

At the same time, this strategy is going to cost you more money because tickets come at a certain price. The more you buy, the more you have to invest. If you’re really unlucky, you can lose all of it at once.

Checkout the Payout

Checking out the payout structure before depositing is a very good habit when it comes to real money online keno games. It highly varies from casino to casino. For example, some casinos might charge you the same whether you are picking 5 numbers or 6 numbers. If the payout is higher for 6 numbers, make sure that you always place bets on the 6 numbers.

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Play the Same Numbers

The general rule for numbers is that the same numbers are likely to come up more than once if you keep playing them long enough. So, fix a range of numbers to play repeatedly. Don’t lose hope if you don’t win after a few tries. Keep trying and the numbers will come up soon enough.

Have you learned how to play a keno bet yet?

Play the Free Demo If Available

Playing for free is a great feature that almost every online casino offer. No matter what game you intend to play, you should always try the free demo first to get a hang of the system. As for keno online, you’ll understand the game mechanics better if you play the game for a while.

Choose Online Casinos with Higher Payouts

Choosing casinos with a better payout percentage is such a strategy that goes with all games. It’s especially true to real money online keno games. The best payout percentage varies from casino to casino and you should always go with the one that pays the most for your money.

Know the Payment Structure of the Casino

No two online casinos are the same when it comes to payouts. While some casinos will pay instantly to the players, others will take a very long time to process the payments. As a player, you should always be acquainted with the payment process so that you know your money is waiting.

Playing keno online is easier than live dealers as there’s no complex strategy involved.

Select 4 to 8 Numbers

When the casino is offering you to select 10 or 20 numbers for your keno game, how many should you select? There are no accurate answers to this question. While your chances of winning go higher with each number, the chances of losing goes higher as well.

So, choose somewhere in the middle to keep the scale balanced. The payout percentage change as well if you choose all the options. So, choose between 4 to 8 numbers depending on whether the online casino offers you to choose 10 or 20 numbers.

Manage Your Money

Although it’s not a tip directly regarding real money online keno, it’s a healthy one for the fellow casino players out there. Always manage your money before you start playing. It’s particularly important for keno bets as it’s very easy to go with the flow and go overboard without realizing it.

Set a limit for yourself before you make your deposit. Distribute the money evenly and find a sweet spot for bets. This way you can really stretch your money and play for longer and have a lot more fun without the fear of going bankrupt.

Keno FAQ

Is keno online popular in the UK and the USA?

Keno is a widely played game in Asian countries. It’s a common misconception that players for the UK and the USA don’t want to play keno. But in reality, online keno is very popular in these countries. Especially, Vegas casinos are well-known for their keno games.

Are keno games rigged?

No, if you are playing at a casino that recommended, the keno games are certainly not rigged. A rigged game means that the operator is using unfair means to keep your winnings low. The computer system will manipulate the number drawing algorithm to not draw your numbers.

But at the casinos that we provide, all of the keno games are fair and tested regularly by third-party authorities.

Is there free bonus no deposit on keno online games?

It entirely depends on the casino. If the casino offers a bonus offer on the keno games, it’s great. Some casinos only offer a welcome bonus for the new players. Some casinos offer no deposit bonus on keno games as well. A no deposit bonus is such a bonus that lets you make money without even having to deposit.

Where can get the best offers on keno online?

The best offers are surely found in the Mougle casinos. is your best friend when it comes to the best keno online casinos. We have a list of top 10 online keno casinos that have the best offers currently available. Make sure you check them out before you decide to make a deposit on any online casino.

Is online keno hard to play?

Online keno is not hard if you know how to use the strategies. Strategies make any game simpler and easier to understand. And how can something be hard if it’s simple? Go through our list of tips and tricks to know how you can tame the keno game.

Why is a platform derived to guide online casino players in the right direction. It’s not always easy to find an online casino that has the best intentions or offers. So, a group of passionate games has packed a team to make online casinos more enjoyable and safer.

Play with the best offers in the top casinos for keno online. Learn the keno bets.

Best Online Keno Casinos
Win Up to 500 Free Spin