High Roller Online Casino

High Roller Online Casinos

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Mougle.com gives you the best list of high roller online casinos you can play at in the UK. All of our recommended sites offer top bonuses, games from the best providers, highly rated customer support, and safe and secure payment methods. You will also read a high roller casino review for all the sites on our list and learn which one suits you best.

What Are Highrollers?

You might have heard the term highroller thrown around in online casinos, but do you know what it means? Highrollers are a very specific type of player. To put it simply, these players are not casual slot spinners. They are known to spend big money sums in casinos and have a big appetite. Due to this, they are the most likely type of player to get VIP rewards in a highroller casino.

The more you spend at a casino, the bigger the chances to earn extra rewards. A highroller casino often offers special types of bonuses and rewards with the goal of keeping high rollers happy. Since they spend a lot, they are treated differently than the other players.

Of course with their big wagering habits and possibilities to win big sums of cash, high rollers need to choose trusted highroller casinos. The good news is that mougle.com offers such a list that displays nothing but the best casinos for high rollers in the UK.

Our experts have plenty of experience on their backs and are high rollers themselves, so they know what you need. If you want to play at a safe and secure casino without worrying about anything else, you’ll choose a highroller casino from our list.

How We Choose High Roller Online Casinos

Mougle.com isn’t your average highroller casino review site. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals who know what online gamblers want and need. Since high rollers have different preferences for picking casinos, there are several requirements our experts have to go through in order to review every highroller casino.

One of the major requirements these players have are gaming sites with perfect reputation. They play with a lot of cash so they need safe and secure gaming sites. That’s exactly what our recommended highroller casinos offer – a safe and secure experience with the best games for high rollers.

Maximum bet sizes on a high roller online casino game is another factor we review when we rank the highroller casinos on our list. Pick a gaming site from our list and you can bet big on it and possibly win a large sum of cash.

High rollers spend big to win big, so they need a casino with high withdrawal limits. Casinos with low withdrawal limits won’t cut it for them. High rollers will look for casinos with the highest withdrawal limits and the good news is that our list features gaming sites with the highest limits you’ve ever seen.

Besides these features, a highroller casino on our list must be safe, offer pretty high bonuses, and have the best promotions. If it fulfils these requirements, we can place it on our list and recommend it to our most loyal highrollers.

High Roller Bonuses & Promotions

High rollers will always choose a casino with the best custom-tailored bonuses and promotions. The recommended casinos on our list offer a variety of promotions including welcome bonuses, reloads, cashbacks, and many other promos that appeal to high rollers.

One of the worst things about deposit bonuses is that they usually come with a cap on the bet size. For example, at most highroller casinos, the cap will be set at a fiver. That’s a pretty low amount for high rollers so deposit bonuses aren’t the most interesting type of promotion for them. But, don’t you worry – mougle.com’s got your back. We have a list of the best and deposit bonuses in high roller casinos that should allow you to play the way you want to.

The majority of sites on our recommended list offer other types of bonuses as well. For example, you might earn a highroller casino no deposit bonus or reloads on particular days of the week. Cashbacks are almost a given for high rollers, so there’s plenty of extra cash to be earned.

If bonuses are high atop your highroller casino priorities, find the ones with the biggest offers on our list and enjoy.

High Roller Programs

High rollers have a pretty big appetite which makes them the ideal player for online casinos. Gaming sites are well aware that they need to keep these players interested so they can spend more cash in the casino. To do that, they use bonuses and promos as well as loyalty rewards for the top regulars.

If you’re one such player you will probably get a direct invitation to the VIP club sooner than later. The VIP programs of highroller casinos are filled with excellent prizes and even better perks. Apart from the regular slew of rewards, you will get numerous benefits for joining a VIP program. From a personal account manager to priority withdrawals and custom-tailored gifts, high rollers will enjoy what VIP programs have to offer.

Depending on the casino, you might even get better comps such as trips to exotic destinations or the latest sports or electric cars. If you spend a lot in a casino, it will surely be worth it. Online casinos will do anything to keep high rollers happy and if they need to throw in a Mercedes Benz, so be it.

What Casino Games Are Suitable for High Rollers?

In theory, all games with high bet size limits are suitable for high rollers. A high roller casino game will come with sky-high limits that allow you to place bets as high as you want to. If the average bet is a fiver on roulette and blackjack, high rollers will like to try their luck at the VIP tables with limits that can go up to 100 pounds.

In most cases, VIP variants of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat would be more suitable for high rollers. Some of the highroller casinos on our list might offer wagers of hundreds or thousands of dollars per round/spin. If you’re a high roller, you will definitely like to target these.

Slots are another great game to play for sky-high sums of cash. Not all slot machines give you this kind of possibility, but many from the industry’s best game studios do and those are the ones high rollers will target. Find a slot game with a high RTP and low house edge and bet big to hunt the top rewards. Slots with low RTP will statistically make you lose more cash over time, so they’re not ideal for those who like to bet big.

Finally, progressive jackpot slots are quite possibly the best type of game for high rollers. Games such as Mega Moolah require you to max your bets out in order to hit the jackpot. It hits randomly, but your chances to get millions of coins in your pockets are far higher when you maximize your bets.

Mobile High Roller Casinos

What if you could spend all that cash on games whenever and wherever you go? High rollers are not players you should put in shackles. These people value freedom over everything else and if they want to spend millions on games anywhere from the world, casinos should allow them to.

Our recommended high roller casinos give you this opportunity. Why sit in front of your PC when you can max out your bets on progressives anytime and anywhere? It’s even better if you win a big reward on the go.

Read every highroller casino review at mougle.com to learn if you need to install an app. In most cases, casinos will offer their mobile compatible website instead of an app. Online high roller gambling has never been this easy. All you need to do is type in the casino address in your mobile browser and fire away.

How to Pick the Perfect Highroller Casino?

Choosing the perfect high roller casino isn’t a question we can answer for you. After all, players have their own preferences and requirements and each online casino for high rollers on our list is different. We can, though, give you a few tips and advice.

Start by going through every highrollercasino review on our list. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect even without registering at the site. Make sure it meets all your wants and needs before clicking on the Sign Up button.

You will also want to see the bet limits for every high roller casino game on offer. If the limits are low, you’re better off with another site. Lastly, make sure to check all the promotions. If there’s a highroller casino no deposit bonus on offer, you should definitely go for it.

Make your pick carefully and don’t rush things. You need to pick the perfect highroller casino so don’t make compromises when there’s no need to.

How to Become a High Roller

There’s no set of requirements that will make you a high roller instantly. First and foremost, you should be aware that you’ll need to spend big to win big. The VIP requirements vary from one highroller casino to the other, so make sure to go through the terms and conditions.

In general, though, you will need to spend big cash and play frequently as well. For example, a £500 bet in one instance is considered high-roller-material at most gaming sites on our list. Of course, you’ll need to place such bets frequently if you want the casino to recognize you as a big shot.

Once you receive an invitation to the VIP club, the casino will put a red carpet in front of you and treat you like royalty. Spending big comes with its own set of perks for those who can allow it. If you’re a player that has deep pockets and you can spend cash you can afford to lose, you should try the high roller lifestyle.

High Roller Casinos FAQ

What is a highroller casino?

A highroller casino is an online gaming site that aims to attract players who spend large sums of cash. These sites cater to the needs of these players, giving them exclusive bonuses and special perks that should keep them entertained.

Can I be a high roller?

Yes, you can be a high roller if you’re willing to risk more money. On average, you need to spend £500 or more on bets in one instance several times in order to be considered a high roller. You’ll recognize your new shiny status when the casino starts offering special perks directly to you and invites you to its exclusive club.

What games can I play in highroller casinos?

You can play online slots, table, card games, and live dealer games at any highroller casino on our list. All of the gaming sites are properly licensed and allow you to bet big and win big on the best games in the industry.

Are these casinos different from regular gaming sites?

Highroller casinos are the same as regular online casinos with one big difference – they are on the ‘hunt’ for VIP players. These gaming sites often feature unbeatable loyalty programs and rich rewards that need to lure high rollers in and keep them satisfied and playing in the casino.

High Roller Online Casinos
Win Up to 500 Free Spin