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Online Casino Bonus

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Win Up to 500 Free Spin’s online casino bonus guide is everything you need to give your bankroll a deserved boost. We have the best selection of bonuses from top-ranked online casinos. From a casino welcome bonus to every no deposit bonus in the UK, you can find a freebie to claim right here on our list.

Casino bonuses are a way for online gaming sites to keep players interested. Think of them like virtual comps. While online casinos can’t hand out free drinks, they substitute them with freebies that boost your bankroll and keep you playing games for longer.

Bonuses are a must in online casinos. A no bonus casino in 2024 doesn’t exist if you don’t count pay’n’play sites. All other online gaming sites have one kind of bonus or another. It can be as tiny as a £10 no deposit slot bonus, a casino free bonus, or a free spins bonus that allows you to spin your favourite slot games. No matter what kind of bonus there is to claim, you should definitely go for it.

Since the industry is saturated with casinos and bonus offers at the moment, we’re here to make things easy for you. Read’s guide to casino bonuses and learn how they differ and which one you should go for.

Top Casino Bonuses

With decades of experience in the online gaming industry, our experts know what bonuses players want and need. You don’t need to spend hours on the Internet hunting for top casino bonuses – they’re already here at

Our team of experts has compiled a list of every casino bonus that matters. From a cool welcome bonus to a no deposit bonus and beyond, check out our list of top casino bonuses and pick yours.

Online Casino Bonus Types

Casino bonuses come in different shapes and sizes. We’re all familiar with a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus which players absolutely love. However, there are other freebies you should know about that can give your bankroll a massive boost and make all the difference when you play games online.

Before you go claiming any casino online bonus, you need to read its terms and conditions. This is absolutely vital so you can find out more about specific conditions and the wagering requirements we’ll talk more about later. Failure to meet the terms will result in forfeited bonus funds and no player wants that.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is the most common type of reward you can find in online casinos. Nearly all gaming sites offer it and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Online casinos want to make their players feel comfortable from the moment they sign up and a welcome casino bonus is easily the best way to do it.

In most cases, welcome offers consist of a deposit bonus and free spins package. The deposit bonus covers a portion or 100% of your first deposit. At some online casinos, it can cover several deposits (2, 3, 4, or whatever the casino chooses). Some gaming sites will give you a load of free spins with the welcome offer, some won’t. Keep in mind that some will also require you to a promo (bonus) code which should be entered when prompted to ‘unlock’ the funds.

Welcome bonuses can usually be claimed right after registration or for a limited period after your sign up. All of these requirements can be found under the T&Cs which you must read to learn what’s required.

To put theory into practice, let’s see an example. Let’s say casino X offers a 100% first deposit match bonus up to £100 + 50 free spins. This means that the casino will cover any first deposit up to that amount and give you double the money to play with (£100 in this case). You will also receive a batch of free spins which come with their own set of terms and conditions.

In many cases, casinos will cover 2, 3, 4, or more new player deposits. In this case, the amount of extra cash can add up and give you an even bigger boost than you thought of.

Deposit Bonus

A welcome casino bonus is a type of deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this bonus covers a casino deposit partially or in its entirety. Deposit bonuses are a pretty common freebie in online casinos, and we’re not just talking about welcome offers.

Deposit bonuses are usually handed out to players as a reward for their continued loyalty. They often come as part of VIP programs as well. A deposit bonus on a certain day of the week is also common as a way of rewarding players for their regular deposits.

Unlike a welcome offer, this type of bonus doesn’t come packed with free spins.

No Deposit Bonus

A favourite of UK players, the no deposit bonus is just like it sounds – a bonus you get without making a deposit. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t mean its free. A casino free bonus is something entirely different and, to be honest, almost non-existing.

A no deposit casino nowadays is pretty hard to find. Most gaming sites offer this type of freebie to their most loyal customers only, so you won’t find it lying around in the promotions section. If you do, there’s absolutely no reason at all not to claim it.

A no deposit bonus in the UK is usually a small freebie in the form of £10 or £20. The casino decides how much cash it will give you for free. Of course, this type of bonus still comes with terms and conditions you need to read before you claim it. You will certainly need to wager it a number of times before converting the bonus funds to real money.

Everybody loves a good no deposit bonus whether it’s a tenner or a £10 no deposit slot bonus in the UK. No matter how tiny it seems to be, players will always get it because it seems free.

Free Spins

If you love spinning slots, free spins are the best casino bonus you can get. As the name suggests, they’re spins you get for free on a specific slot machine or all of them. You usually get free spins as part of a casino welcome bonus, but they can also come separately. For example, you might get them packaged with a deposit bonus or get free spins as a no deposit bonus.

The latter is a great, yet rare option. Many of the online casinos on our list offer no deposit free spins you should definitely get if you’re a slot fan. The best thing about free spins is that they usually come in batches. You won’t earn, for example, 5 free spins (although some casinos offer such a number). In most cases, you will have a chance to earn 20, 30, 50, or even 100+ free spins you can use on your favourite online slots.

No deposit free spins are a great way to try a slot you’ve been planning to but didn’t want to spend money on. One very important thing to remember about this type of bonus – you must read the terms and conditions. Free spins bonuses, especially a no deposit free spins bonus, has special terms and conditions you must complete before you can convert it to real money. You will most likely have to wager the bonus winnings a certain number of times (10, 20, or more) before you can convert them to cash.

Still, regardless of the wagering requirements, no deposit free spins bonuses are a great and fun way to play at new online casinos and try out all the latest slots.

Cashback Bonuses

A cashback online casino bonus is a sort of a goodwill gesture. Many casinos give players a chance to earn back some cash after incurring losses. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to earn it all back, but in many cases, this casino bonus will cover a percentage close to 5 or 10% on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In this way, players are encouraged to bet more since they will be covering most of their losses. Real money online casinos need a lot of traffic and players to succeed, so they are willing to do anything to give money back to the players. Not surprisingly, you should definitely opt in for a cashback casino bonus, especially if you get into a rut from time to time.

Reload Bonuses

Wouldn’t it be great for a gaming site to ‘reload’ your cash balance before the weekend? There is a casino that offers exactly that. A reload bonus is a kind of a follow-up for a casino welcome bonus. It is designed to keep players satisfied and depositing.

This type of supplementary bonus is usually organized on a weekly or monthly basis. It is pretty straightforward to claim – just reload your bankroll on a certain day of the week and you’ll get a matching deposit bonus.

In this way, you can reload before the weekend and enjoy a weekend gaming session with your pockets full.

High Roller Bonus

There are two types of online casino players – casual players and high rollers. Out of the two, the latter spend way more cash. While casual players mostly play for fun and don’t spend much, high rollers are not afraid to spend thousands on blackjack tables or play high roller slots.

Since they leave more money in the casino, they are often greatly rewarded for it. High roller bonuses are a bit rare, but they can still be found in the online casinos ranked and reviewed on our list. High roller bonuses usually come in the form of a deposit or no deposit bonus. Unlike regular freebies, they are usually pretty big too.

While a welcome casino bonus might offer something like a 100% up to £100 bonus, a deposit high roller bonus will offer something of the likes of 100% up to £1,000 or £2,000. Of course, these players can afford to make such massive deposits and they get handsomely rewarded for it.

Live Casino Bonus

A live casino bonus works in the same way as a casino bonus. The only difference is that this bonus must be spent in a live casino. Live dealer games are getting increasingly more popular nowadays and as a result, live casinos offer deposit and no deposit bonuses all the more frequently.

The same wagering requirements and bonus terms and conditions apply to live casinos bonuses too. Make sure to go through them properly before you get your hands on it and start playing Live Roulette or Live Blackjack.

Referral Bonus

One of the most interesting casino bonuses you will ever see is the referral bonus. Also known as a refer-a-friend reward, it allows you to claim money for referring a friend to the casino. If you’re satisfied with what the casino has on offer and you have friends that love playing games too, you will surely drop in a few good words about the gaming site.

Casinos that offer this bonus usually have a referral link you need to share with your friends. They will register directly through it and help you earn those extra funds. Of course, this type of bonus is usually smaller than any other. You will most likely get a £5 or £10 for the referral, but the best online casinos on our list will also cover half of your friend’s first deposit.

In that way, you can earn plenty of cash as a “Thank you” from the casino for bringing a friend to join the party.

VIP Casino Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

VIP programs almost always offer the best rewards in an online casino. However, not everyone can enter it. Loyalty programs are designed for those who spend more and play regularly. High rollers are an almost automatic entry into these programs, but casual players can get an invitation too.

It depends on what the online casino you’ve chosen offers. You can become a VIP in two different ways. You can either enter it via a point-based scheme or get an invitation via email.

Point-Based VIP Programs

Point-based loyalty programs are more common in online casinos. They work in a very simple way. The moment you register at the site, you will start earning points and climb up the VIP levels. You will get points in different ways. Usually, you should earn a certain amount of points by spending a certain amount of cash in the casino.

Sometimes, you can double your VIP points on certain days of the week or on certain games as well. This is a good way to boost your loyalty points and get an inch closer to the next VIP level.

Invitational VIP Programs

Some online casinos will only allow entry to the VIP club via email invitations. These VIP clubs are only for a selected group of members, in most cases high rollers. In these casinos, the bonuses and freebies the casino offers in their VIP club are usually not listed. If you play regularly and spend a lot of cash, you can expect your invitation to arrive via email.

What Kind of Exclusive Rewards Can I Earn?

Well, that depends on the casino. VIPs will almost surely get their hands on frequent (daily or weekly) reload and cashback bonuses. You will most likely claim a no deposit bonus every week or so. The best part of it all is that VIPs get all these bonuses with lower wagering requirements.

And it’s not all about bonuses and promotions. VIPs enjoy different benefits than regular players. For example, they can withdraw higher amounts of cash and, as mentioned, complete wagering requirements sooner. All of this comes paired with exclusive rewards such as exotic getaways, luxury cars, or other such rewards.

Online casinos know how to reward their most loyal players. If you’re a high roller, you can expect the casino to come knocking on your door with a golden ticket to the VIP club. You should definitely enter it if you get the chance.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

Bonus Percentage of 200% up to $300

Every casino bonus works in a different way. That depends on the online casino you’re chosen. The welcome offer, for example, can be claimed after you register and make your first deposit. Free spins can come as part of a deposit or no deposit bonus. The online gambling market is crowded and offers can vary, and that’s why’s experts have created this casino bonus guide for you.

We must once again stress the importance of reading bonus terms and conditions before you claim any offer. This is a vital step when you’re hunting for a casino bonus. You will need to complete certain conditions before you get your winnings on your hands.

A deposit of $50 with 200% match (the rest of the bonus amount expires)

Deposit $100 = Bonus $200

A $150 deposit with 200% match; the full bonus amount has been met.

Deposit $150 = Bonus $300

What Are Wagering Requirements?

If you have ever played in an online casino and claimed a bonus, you’ve certainly heard (or read) about wagering requirements. While the term may sound complicated to beginners, it’s actually very simple. These requirements indicate the conditions you must fulfil before you can convert the bonus to real money.

In most cases, the wagering is indicated by a number. For example, a deposit bonus can come with wagering of 20x, 30x, or more. This simply means that you will need to turn the bonus funds over 20 or 30 times. To simplify it even further, you’ll need to wager the bonus amount that many times before you can claim your winnings and request a withdrawal.

To put theory into practice, let’s say that a welcome casino bonus worth 100% of your first deposit has wagering of 25 times. The bonus terms indicate that the casino covers any deposit up to £100. You deposit that amount and get your hands on the welcome offer. You will now have an extra £100 to play with. Before you request a withdrawal, though, you will need to wager it 25 times. This means that you will need to bet a total of £100×25=£2,500 before you get your hands on any eventual winnings.

Of course, this is just an example of how a casino bonus works. A no deposit bonus, for example, might have different wagering requirements than this. The number of times you’ll need to wager might be higher or lower, although in most cases, it’s usually around this number.

Besides the wagering requirements, we strongly urge you to read the full bonus T&Cs before you claim a casino free bonus. This will allow you to learn any other requirements that will need to be completed before you get your winnings.




Game Limits

When you claim a casino bonus, you need to be aware that you can’t just use it on any game in the casino. That rarely ever happens. Online casinos will most likely limit the games you can spend the bonus on. Free spins, for example, can only be used on selected slots. When it comes to a casino welcome bonus, you may not be able to use it on table games.

There’s another limitation when it comes to online casinos bonuses and casino games. It relates to the wagering requirements. In order to complete them, you’ll need to turn the funds over a certain number of times – we’re already covered that. However, what you must keep in mind that a welcome casino bonus (or any deposit bonus) can most easily be completed on slots and not other games.

In most casinos, slots contribute 100% to the wagering. Other games contribute less. Live casino games are often excluded from the wagering, with blackjack and roulette tables contributing only 20% or something of the sorts.

This is why it’s very important to read the bonus terms and conditions. Failure to meet the wagering requirements will lead to forfeited bonus funds.

Win Limits

Another limitation when it comes to bonuses is imposed on the eventual winnings. Be it a £10 no deposit slot bonus in UK online casinos or a bonus in a no deposit casino, it will almost always come with maximum win limits. This means that you can’t just use the bonus to win millions. The maximum amount of cash you can win is capped.

This will often be buried deep in the bonus T&Cs, so you need to go over them thoroughly. Also, keep in mind that the bigger the bonus you’re getting is, the harder it will be to complete the wagering. Knowing this, smaller bonuses might actually give you a better chance to withdraw cash.

Smaller bonuses are sometimes truly free meaning not riddled with challenging wagering requirements. When you want to claim a bonus, you need to think things through and pick the right one. What’s better – a pound in the hand or two you can’t really get out due to lengthy wagering requirements?

Yes, a casino bonus is worth it, but the money doesn’t come for free.

Expert Online Casino Bonus Advice

While claiming a casino free bonus might look like free money to someone, we’re here to tell you that it’s definitely not. Yes, you can boost your bankroll with ease by using bonuses, but the cash is not free at all.

Before you accept any type of bonus, we must once again urge you to read the terms and requirements. You wouldn’t wear shoes without trying them on first, right? It’s the same with a casino bonus. Under the T&Cs, you will find important information that will tell you all you need to know about the bonus. This includes the all-important wagering requirements you must complete before you convert the bonus funds to real money.

Other important info concerning the extra funds will also be available on the terms and conditions page. You will learn the win and bet limits as well as who can claim the bonus. You will also get a list of the eligible games you can spend the extra money on. Time restrictions are also buried deep in the T&Cs. You don’t want to miss the timeframe for completing the wagering, right?

All important conditions will be spelt in the fine print. Sure, not many players are excited about reading it, but it can make all the difference between claiming a bonus or leaving it on the table. That no deposit bonus might be looking too good to pass up, but if the T&Cs are unfair, there’s no point in getting it at all.’s Expert-Selected Casino Bonuses

If you want to go bonus hunting but you don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place. Instead of spending hours looking for the right casino bonus online, you can trust our experts with the list they’ve compiled.

We have every free bonus in a UK online casino you can think of. From a no deposit bonus to the best welcome bonuses ever to be found online, our experts have hand-picked nothing but the best offers. We have listed each and every top online casino bonus in the UK right now with the fairest terms and conditions.

Go through them all and read our in-depth bonus guide to get your hands on a juicy bonus and enjoy the advantages it offers.

Online Casino Bonus Promo Codes

Many of the UK online casinos on our list will ask you to use promo or bonus codes before you claim the bonus. While it might seem complicated to some people, using these codes definitely isn’t.

If you have ever played in an online casino, you have surely come across bonus or promo codes. No deposit bonus codes are not as abundant as they were in the past. However, many reputable casinos on our list still offer this type of bonus. In all cases, these bonuses are aimed at attracting new players and rewarding loyal ones. While it might seem like a strange concept to new players, no deposit bonus codes are very easy to use.

All you need to do is to copy (or write down if you’re old-school) the code listed under the promotion and enter it in the casino when prompted. It acts as a ‘key’ that will unlock the bonus and allow you to claim it. In this way, online casinos can be sure that the bonus isn’t claimed by a bot.

Online casino bonus codes are not always available to all players. This can come as a result of various restrictions. Country and/or bonus restrictions might be the reason as well as multiple accounts fraud and bonus abuse. Make sure to check the bonus’ terms and conditions before you even think about getting your hands on it.

A casino bonus code is a privileged way to unlock bonus funds and give your bankroll a boost. Just make sure that you use it in the right place or you won’t be able to claim your extra funds.

How to Get the Best Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Getting the best casino bonuses and promotions is easy for’s readers. As mentioned, our experts have compiled a list of the top online casino bonuses you can find right now. You’re left with a filtered list of top promotions you can safely claim without fearing a scam.

In order to get the best casino bonus, you’ll need to shop a bit online first. Make sure to check all of the bonuses on our list to claim the one most suitable for your playing style and needs. We also list the most important T&Cs so you don’t feel cheated when you enter a casino’s promotion.

Besides that, claiming the offers is easy. A casino deposit bonus will boost your bankroll as soon as you top your account up. A live casino bonus is for fans of live dealer games. If you’re in love with slots, we have the best free spins no deposit bonuses in the UK.

There’s something for everyone’s taste, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a new player or a big spender.

Benefits of a Casino Bonus

Online casino players would never miss the opportunity to claim a bonus offer. Neither would we. The simple opportunity to get your hands on extra cash is enticing. However, like with most thing in life, there are pros and cons to a casino bonus as well.

The main reason why players are so attracted to casino bonuses is the simple fact that they promise extra cash. While no free at all, you’re still getting loads of bonus cash. Whether it’s a deposit or no deposit bonus, getting your hands on extra cash means more chances to hit a big win. Of course, there are wagering requirements you must complete, but it’s still better than nothing.

The best online casinos on our list will allow you to earn extra cash from the moment you step foot into the casino. A welcome bonus guarantees a nice start to your journey, especially when paired with free spins. That’s the formula to success. A matching first deposit bonus and a bag of free spins are more than enough for most players to register and start playing.

As soon as the welcome casino bonus is out of the way, further rewards are possible. You will be able to earn more cash for every next deposit you make. With a no deposit casino bonus, you will earn extra cash without spending any. That’s why players love them so much – you’re getting cash for nothing to play your favourite games.

Free Spins Galore!

Free spins are a must for all slot fans. If you register at an online casino, you have most likely tried video slots already. There are so many varieties out there, varying different themes and gameplay features that make them so fun. Why spend a lot of cash on a slot when you can play it with a bonus? Thanks to free spins, you will get the opportunity to try all those games that look great to you without spending a lot of your cash. You’re not playing for free, of course, but playing with a free spins bonus still beats playing with your own cash.

Disadvantages of Online Casino Bonuses

While the pros far outweigh the cons, online casino bonuses still have more than a few disadvantages. The first major one is obvious – the wagering requirements. Failure to complete them on time means missing out on the bonus altogether.

Other terms and conditions are also important to learn before you even claim the bonus funds. While no one wants to read the fine print, you will miss out on all important conditions that will let you convert the bonus funds to real money.

Apart from the wagering requirements, cashout cap limits and the limited time you have to finish the terms and conditions are two other disadvantages you need to pay attention to. Bonuses have an ‘expiry date’ and free spins are only valid for a limited period of time. If you don’t complete the wagering by the time it ends, you will lose the extra funds immediately.

Choose the Best Online Casino Bonus and Get Your Journey Underway

With all the information you’ve learned from’s casino bonus guide, all that’s left is to claim one and get started. A casino bonus is the best way to start playing games online. You will essentially get plenty of extra cash to get started and try the games you’ve been planning to. While the cash doesn’t come for free, you are still getting something extra for the price of a normal deposit.

Free spins, no deposit bonuses, and loyalty rewards will further boost your bankroll. There are plenty of opportunities to earn extra cash in online casinos and you should make sure to get it all. Of course, not without reading the terms and conditions. Online casino bonuses don’t come for free. They are tied into many terms and conditions you must complete before you can claim your eventual winnings.

Online casinos use bonuses to lure new players and retain existing customers. You should definitely claim all the extra cash you can when offered. If the conditions suit you, a cool casino bonus can boost your winning chances pretty nicely. With so much extra cash, you can try all the games you wanted without spending a lot of cash on them.

Find an online casino bonus from the list our experts created and enjoy your stay at your new favourite gaming site.


What’s a casino bonus?

Online casino bonuses are rewards offered as an incentive for a player to join a gaming site. There are plenty of extras you can earn. From welcome bonuses on your first (or first few) deposit to no deposit bonuses, free spins, and beyond, there is plenty of cash ‘laying around’ to be claimed at online gaming sites.

Are bonus funds truly free?

While many players believe they come for free, online casino bonuses come with some strings attached. Many sites advertise their bonuses as free cash which is wrong. The fact remains that online casino bonuses have certain conditions you need to complete before you can convert them to real money. Failure to do so will result in forfeited bonus funds which is not what players looking for extra cash are hoping for. That’s why it’s important to read the ‘fine print’ before you claim a casino bonus.

What casino games can I spend the bonuses on?

That depends on the gaming site itself. All the games you can spend the bonus on are listed under the bonus T&Cs. In most cases, you can spend the extra cash on all or the majority of online slots. They also contribute to the wagering the most, so slots are your best chance at completing the wagering requirements.

Can I spend the bonuses on my mobile phone?

Yes, of course you can. No matter where you claim the bonus, you can spend the extra cash on your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Online Casino Bonus
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