Mega Moolah
Mega Moolah online casino game

Mega Moolah

Win Up to 500 Free Spin
  •  Progressive Jackpot
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With a jungle-based visual theme, colorful overview, and vibrant sound effects, Microgaming Mega Moolah is one of the most loved online casino games. However, it is not only a fun encounter. Mega Moolah features a few of the largest rewards and prizes in the online casino industry. Hence, it is a wonderful opportunity for gaming enthusiasts looking to have fun, while also standing a chance to win attractive prizes. Moreover, the game’s simple user interface, high RTP, and seamless withdrawal process attract millions of casino lovers across the world. You can play the game on several computer browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Blackberry). Mega Moolah is also available for download on Windows PCs.

Mega Moolah is one of the most lucrative online casino games run by Microgaming. To play, register yourself on any authorized Microgaming online casino and get started. Make sure you play the game only on authorized casinos that have permission to host Mega Moolah in your country.

The game offers several attractive benefits.

Mega Moolah Slots

Mega Moolah is easily the best online casino game. I couldn’t have been happier to have found this game online. A great user interface, fascinating visuals, thrilling sound effects, and most importantly the payments and withdrawals are hassle-free. I recommend this game highly.

The sound and graphics of Mega Moolah take out the real gamer in you. It’s thrilling, to say the least. To top that up, it’s fair and well organized. The jackpot prizes are super high – it just gets you glued once you start playing.

Unlike other games, it is fairly easy to trigger the jackpot. They are willing to share their earnings with the participants, and that user-focused approach is probably the best thing about Mega Moolah.

Game Information
TypeVideo Slot
Software HouseMicrogaming
Release Date2006
Reels x Rows5 x 3
Minimum Bet$0.25
Maximum Bet$125
Mobile CompatibleYes
Autoplay AvailableYes

Mega Moolah FAQs

How does Mega Moolah work?

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game. You can play it on various Microgaming online casinos, where thousands of other players play the game simultaneously. The game features a common jackpot, and each player places a bet, after which they spin the wheel to win the common jackpot prize.

The game is powered by various animal symbols, which appear in separate combinations when participants spin the wheel. The winning combination reflects the prize and rewards. There are various winning combinations, each of which reflects a different winning. Apart from these, there are additional features and symbols, which enable participants to increase their chances of winning.

Is Mega Moolah available from my country?

This depends on your country’s regulator compliance for online casino games. Some countries have regulatory compliance that does not allow the operation of online casino games. To check if Mega Moolah is available from your country,


How do you trigger the Mega Moolah jackpot?

The Mega Moolah jackpot triggers on a random basis. It might trigger at any point in time. Your best chance of triggering it is by playing more number of spins. The best part of Mega Moolah’s naming structure is that the jackpot triggers quite often, and you do not have to wait for long in order to access it. However, playing more number of spins increases the chances of triggering the jackpot. There are four jackpot-tiers for the progressive jackpot, and you can win any one of those, based where the wheel pointer directs.

How to withdraw money from Mega Moolah?

You can withdraw your Mega Moolah winnings into the same account which you used to deposit money to play the game. The withdrawals are instant and hassle-free. This makes Mega Moolah one of the most loved online casino games. Check this link to know more about Mega Moolah withdrawals

Are my Mega Moolah winnings taxed?

Again this depends on the regulatory compliance of the country from where you are playing the game. Generally, Mega Moolah winnings are tax-free in most countries, but it may vary from country to country. So, we recommend you to do diligent research about the laws of your country in regard to taxation on casino prizes, before playing Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah Tips

Wild Multiplier

In the Mega Moolah online casino game, the lion symbol represents the wild multiplier. Unfortunately, if you do not end up getting the winning combination, you can use the wild multiplier (lion symbol) to complete the winning combination. You can also substitute an irrelevant symbol on the reel using a Wild Multiplier. The best feature of the wild multiplier is that a winning combination if completed using the wild multiplier fetches double payout. All in all, the wild multiplier enables you with am opportunity to win the game, even if you have not landed the perfect combination of symbols.

Scatter Symbol

A monkey from the African savannah represents the scatter symbol. Unlike the Wild Multiplier, the scatter symbol might remain scattered anywhere across the five Mega Moolah reels. You can use it to complete a winning combination. If you have three or more scatter symbols, then you can participate in the Mega Moolah Free Spin Round, which has its own benefits.

Free Spin Bonus

This is one of the most attractive features of Mega Moolah. Consider this as a bonus opportunity to won extra rewards. You can activate unlock and participate in the Free Spin Bonus once you have three or more scatter symbols. This allows you to take 15 free spins, and each time you win using a free spin, you get three times the original winning amount. However, you cannot trigger a progressive jackpot while playing free spins.

Autoplay Feature

This is one of the best Mega Moolah Features. It allows you to pre-set the number of spins you want to play, and the bet per spin. You can then get busy in other work, as the Mega Moolah software automatically plays the spins without you having to monitor those constantly. Unlike the free spin mode, you can even play the Progressive Jackpot in the Autoplay mode. This added convenience for players is one of the many reasons why Microgaming Mega Moolah is one of the most recognized online casino games.


Even though the Jackpot Wheel is triggered randomly, the evidence suggests that playing with a larger bet on each spin improves the odds of it appearing. In other words, if you consider yourself a serious jackpot chaser, you’d want to split your bankroll into a smaller number of larger bets than spend hours placing tiny bets.

Mega Moolah
Win Up to 500 Free Spin