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Poker is one of the most celebrated card games worldwide. You can hardly walk into a casino, whether in your hometown or all the way in Las Vegas, without finding tables full of poker players. There are countless spinoffs of the game of poker. Today, out of those spinoffs, let’s look at video poker!

At, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest and best reviews and recommendations for the top casinos in the UK and USA where you can play video poker games.

Looking for the newest casinos to try out for video poker games? Just want to find out what playing video poker online is like? Keep reading, and we’ll answer all of your questions! is here for all your video poker related needs!

Our Top Rated Video poker Casinos!

Our search for the top 10 video poker games online has led us across hundreds of different websites. We have looked at all sorts of video poker games, such as five play video poker or strip poker video. It was extremely tough to pick out our Top 10 picks for video poker games. Every website and online casino offers something unique. Our criteria included factors such as:

The quality and variety of poker games

This is quite obvious. There are a lot of different online casino software providers out there. Some of them have been around since the early 90s. Others are more modern. Each of them offers a different video poker experience. Each online casino has a library consisting of games from one or more of these software developers.

So, if a casino prefers older providers, then their library of video poker games will be a lot bigger. However, the games will feel more similar to each other. By contrast, online casinos that favour newer providers will have plenty of exciting twists that will keep you on your feet when playing video poker online.

Also, they won’t have the number and variety of games as older providers. Meaning, they’ll likely be restricted to just a few types of video poker, such as five play video poker and strip poker video games.

Promotions and Bonus Offers

Promotions are a way for online casinos to get players attracted the casino and excited to play. Promotions such as welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses are very common. They encourage people to play more in order to secure the extra money for the bonus. However, all bonuses come with requirements and terms and conditions.

Quality of Customer Service

Since the satisfaction and enjoyment of our customers is one of our biggest concerns, we make sure every casino we recommend has a highly efficient customer support. This will ensure your video poker gaming experience is as hassle-free as possible.


Due to how the game of video poker works, fairness is often a big issue. Some casinos have a tendency to rig the game slightly so that they make a little more money. Whether you are playing for real money or not, this can be a big problem.

The best way to check for this is through third-party organizations. Groups such as PAGCOR or TST Global will test all the games at the casino. By testing them, they will figure out if the video poker games are biased or not. If the games are completely fair, then they will certify it. So, we look for the certificate to tell us if the casino is certified to have fair poker games or not.

Mobile Platforms

Most people use their phones for everything nowadays. And this definitely includes playing games. Phones and tablets give you unparalleled versatility. Having good mobile casino support means that all the video poker games will be playable on devices other than a desktop.

Mobile support is what lets you play video poker on the go. If you’re feeling bored, just take out your Android, iPhone or iPad and play a few rounds of five play video poker! The power to keep yourself entertained is right at your fingertips!

Some online casinos will have their entire library available for mobile and tablet. Others will only have a few games. Of course, the more they have, the better!

Using these key factors, our reviewers have selected the Top 10 best video poker online casinos for you to try out.

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A Guide To Video Poker

Video poker follows the same basic rules as poker. Your goal is to try and get the most valuable hand. The hands are:

  • Royal Flush – Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten, all in the same suite.
  • Straight Flush – Five numbers in sequence, all in the same suite.
  • Four of a Kind – Four of the same numbered cards.
  • Full House – Three of the same numbered cards, and a pair with matching numbers.
  • Straight – Similar to straight flush, but the cards are of different suites.
  • Three of a Kind – Three of the same numbered cards only.
  • Two Pair – Two pairs of matching numbered cards each.
  • Pair – Just one pair of cards with matching numbers.

This list of hands goes from best to worst. Depending on the exact game, there might be further restrictions. For example, some types of video poker have the rule that a Pair only counts if one of the cards is a Jack or higher.

Many video poker games also have a progressive jackpot. Rolling the Royal Flush usually nets you this huge pile of money. Even if there is no jackpot, the highest prizes can go up to 250 times your initial bet!

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So, How Does Video Poker Work?

Some people are often confused about the difference between normal poker and video poker games. So let’s clear that up!

In normal poker and most of its variants, the game is played in several rounds. First, the players draw a number of cards. Next, they place their bets. Then they draw more cards, discard some card, or simply fold. Usually, this goes on for two or three rounds, or even more. Also, in a game of poker, all the players are playing against each other.

Video poker is very different from that. First of all, in video poker, there is only one player- you. Your opponents in video poker games are just computer programs. Winning or losing depends on your luck only. Most poker strategies you would use in normal poker aren’t needed in video poker. Secondly, there is usually only one round in video poker instead of several.

Overall, video poker is much easier than normal poker. Each game is also faster. If you are short on time and just want to play a few games quickly, video poker will suit you better than normal poker.

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Best Video Poker Featuring Low Wagering Requirements

Not all promotions and bonuses are equal. Some are easy to achieve. Some are ridiculously hard to get. For this list, we picked out the sites that offer easy and manageable bonuses, especially in five play video poker games or other video poker games.

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Tournaments are another way to challenge yourself. Check these tournaments out for yourself!

Reviews For The most Popular Video Poker Casinos

At, our goal is to select the best. We pick the best and most popular places to play video poker online in order to save our customers the hassle. So, after going through all the different sites, we picked out the very best according to our criteria.

Video Poker FAQ

Can I win real money by playing video poker?

Video poker is like any other kind of online gambling. You can definitely win a lot of money if you are smart and lucky. If you take advantage of promotions like free bonus no deposit offers, you can even get extra money to wager with.

Most of the video poker games we recommend have really high return-to-player – close to 100%. That means even if you aren’t lucky enough to win a lot of games, you will keep most of your money!

Is it safe to play strip poker video games?

Of course! Here at, we take your safety very seriously. All of the websites listed on this page are guaranteed to be authentic! They have been certified as legitimate. Additionally, they use the latest SSL Encryption technologies to keep your data safe under lock and key.

How do the computers in video poker games work?

The computer uses a program called a random number generator. This program gives out a random number, which is used to randomly shuffle the deck. However, keep in mind that it will be less random than a deck of cards in real life. This is due to the limitations of computer programming.

Fortunately, the difference is not even noticeable and the games are all tested by trusted authorities to confirm this.

Is it better to play live poker or video poker games?

It is completely up to you! Many people find live poker games more exciting because they are competing against other real people. However, video poker is less stressful and also takes less time. So, if you want to play some poker but don’t have a lot of time, video poker is for you!

Rules and Tips for Video Poker

By now, you must be wondering about the best ways to play and win video poker games. There are a few tricks you can use to consistently win at video poker.

Before you do, keep in mind that video poker is one of those very few games at an online casino where you can actually achieve a return to player above 100%. Practically no other online casino game has a return to player as high as this. They all go up to 97 or 98% at most.

And, it’s not actually very easy to achieve a return to player above 100%. To do so, you must have a good knowledge of poker and good instinct about what cards to keep or discard.

Many people consider video poker games to be very similar to slots. They won’t bother making the effort to consider their hands properly and try to win simply based on luck. But that’s a big mistake.

Play Strategically To Win At Video Poker

The best thing about video poker games is that it gives you a chance to improve your outcome by making a smart decision. For instance, if you have a full house, you might be tempted to discard the pair and try getting a Four of a Kind instead.

However, this temptation should be resisted. A Full House is a great hand, but the chances of increasing to Four of a Kind is really low. Most likely, what would happen is that you get cards that don’t match and are forced to show Three of a Kind rather than Full House, losing quite a lot of money.

Other Tips and Tricks

There are a few other things to keep in mind, other than playing strategically. For instance, before playing, you should check the payout table of the video poker game. If the video poker game has a progressive jackpot, then you should always wager the minimum amount needed to qualify for the jackpot.

Finally, remember to keep track of how much money you’re spending. You should have an upper limit on how much you are willing to lose. If you lose too many games in a row, it might be wise to take a short break before you come back and play again! is here to guide you to your soon-to-be favourite poker site!

Take Advantage of Video Poker Bonuses

Imagine a video poker game has a bonus of $100 on a 10x Wagering Requirement. This means that if you spend $1,000 on that game of video poker online, you’ll get that bonus money. Another kind of bonus is a No Deposit Required bonus, where you can get some bonus money as soon as you register to use as a demo! These bonuses can let you play a lot longer and earn more!

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The Top Video poker games and Casinos
Win Up to 500 Free Spin