Jammin Jars Slot

Jammin Jars

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Win Up to 500 Free Spin
  • Potential for massive payouts
  • Fun Game Play
  • Funky background music
  • Interesting bonus round

When Jammin Jars was first released not too many players paid much attention to it. The game just didn’t have the visual appeal which many other slots do, in order to attract players to give it a try. But once the first big win screenshots started pouring in Jammin Jars exploded in popularity across online casinos. Today Jammin Jars is without a doubt one of the most popular slots coming from Push Gaming.

This is a slot which uses a Cluster Pays design. This means that there are no pay lines on the game. All you need to do is adjust your bet size from $0.20 to $10 and you’re ready to play.

Everything about the game comes down to the Wilds. If you manage to land them in close proximity to one another the work is half done. After that it’s all up to luck how high the multipliers will rise and what the overall payout will be.

Jammin Jars Slot

This is a game where you need to put in a decent number of spins before you can expect to see a good payout. Ultra high variance and a money eater, but can also pay very big in one lucky bonus round.

When I first played the game I was disappointed. Base play payouts are incredibly low, not covering your bet most of the time. The bonus features also pay low. But after a few sessions I hit an 8,000 times stake bonus round. This changed my mind about Jammin Jars.

Jammin Jars is simply a slot which caters to the needs of a specific type of players. If you don’t have a big bankroll don’t play this game. But if you’re in it for the long run the payouts can be very rewarding

Game Information
TypeVideo Slot
Software HousePush Gaming
Release DateSeptember 18th, 2018
Reels x Rows8 x 8
PaylinesCluster Pays
Minimum Bet$0.20
Maximum Bet$10
Mobile CompatibleYes
Autoplay AvailableYes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find Jammin Jars free play or Jammin Jars demo casinos?

Yes, we have a big number of online casinos where you can play Jammin Jars for free. If you’re looking for a Jammin Jars slot free play you have come to the right place.

What is the Jammin Jars RTP value?

The slot has a decent RTP value set at 96.83%.

Do you have any Jammin Jars UK casinos?

Yes, most of our recommended operators are licenced by the UKGC, allowing UK players to freely try the Jammin Jars slot.

Is this a game worth playing?

Of course. Jammin Jars is an ultra-high variance slot and can deliver payouts beyond your imagination if you’re lucky enough to hit a good bonus round.

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Before you decide to take on Jammin Jars in real play we invite you to take a look at our trusted slots casino reviews. Here you will find the best online casinos in the industry where you play the game for real. Our casinos are all trusted operators with an impeccable reputation across the gambling community. We are certain that you will easily find an online casino to suit your needs. Our operators also have very attractive bonus offers, which you can claim on your deposit and play for a much longer number of spins.

Jammin Jars Tips

Before you start playing the game it’s recommend to take some time and assess your options. This includes your bankroll and the expected number of spins you plan to put into the game.

Jammin Jars is an ultra-high variance slot. This means that you need to play for a long time in order to increase your chances of winning. Don’t expect to win fast on this game.

Make sure that your bet size correlates with your bankroll. The average payout in the game during base play is less than 10 times the stake per 100 spins. So make sure to have enough to cover up to 500 spins.

Once you’re ready, hit that spin button and play away. From there on it’s all up to lady luck to what happens on the reels.


Jammin Jars is a standard video slot which comes with no jackpot attached. The jackpot like payouts can come in the free spins bonus if you manage to get a big number of Wilds. This also means that they need to be in close proximity in order to form bigger winning clusters and higher win multipliers.


For this slot the designers decided to combine several themes into one. All of the regular game symbols are fruits in different shapes and colors. But the background of the game is set on a disco podium, with the recognizable disco ball lightning up the reels. The theme results in an interesting game play. When you add the funky background music you get a feeling that you are playing a disco slot. The fruits are jammed into jars which are depicted by the Wild symbol in the slot. This is where the name of the game comes from, cleverly derived from the game theme.


When you see the slot for the first time it seems to have a very simple set of visual details. But as you start to play the game you can see that there are some nice animations added to make it more attractive to the eye. This is the case with many other Push Gaming slots, making them easily recognizable among other games. Overall Jammin Jars is a visually attractive slot, with not too many flashy animations, making it soothing to the eye.

Regular Symbols

The regular symbols in the game come in the form of 6 fruit symbols. The lowest payout comes from the Grape symbol, followed by the Apple and Plum symbols. The medium payouts in the game come from the Raspberry and Orange symbols. Strangely enough the top payout in the slot comes from the Strawberry symbol. This is a bit unorthodox as in most slots the Strawberry has the lowest payouts, along with the Cherry symbol. But then again, Jammin Jars is an unorthodox slot to start with so the choice of payouts for the symbols doesn’t come as a big surprise.

Special Symbols

Unlike most slots Jammin Jars has only one special symbol. It’s the Jar Symbol which acts as both the Wild and Scatter symbol in the game. It also comes with increasing win multipliers attached, so naturally this is the symbol you want to see the most landing on the reels.

Game Play

Instead of the traditional pay lines Jammin Jars uses a Cluster Pays design. This means that you don’t have an option to adjust the number of pay lines. All you need to adjust in the slot is the bet size. It can range from $0.20 up to $10 per spin. This is perfect for all players who want to place bigger bets and get bigger payouts in return. Once you adjust the bet size all that is left to do is hit the Spin button and play the game. You can also use the Auto Play feature. Here you can adjust the options to play up to 100 Auto Spins, stop the game after a 100 x stake loss or stop after a win of over 100 x stake. The variety of options gives you complete control over the auto play session.

Bonus Feature

The designers came up with a few features and managed to combine them into one amazing bonus round. The first thing you notice about Jammin Jars is the fact that all of the game symbols can land stacked across the reels. This way you can get many winning combinations and get bigger payouts.

The second feature is the Cluster Pays design. This design removes the need to pay lines. In order for a win to be formed all you need is to land a cluster of 5 or more winning symbols which are adjacent vertically or/and horizontally to one another. But the designers didn’t stop there.

In correlation to the Cluster Pays design they also added a Collapsing Symbols feature. This feature enables all winning symbols to be removed from the reels. When this happens a new set of symbols drops on top of the reels to fill in the empty spaces. This way you can land more winning combinations, all for the price of a single paid spin. This feature is very important as it complements the free spins bonus.

The classic bonus feature in Jammin Jars starts with the Wild/Scatter symbol. When a Jar lands on the reels it comes with a multiplier attached. When a win is formed with that Jar symbol the win multiplier increases by 1 and the Jar will move one field in any direction. This happens with all Jar symbols and the multiplier will continue to increase as long as the Jar symbol contributes to a payout.

Once you manage to land 3 Jar symbols on the reels the free spins bonus is triggered. All of the Jar symbols will get to keep their win multipliers once they contribute to a payout. The trick here is that the Jar Wilds land in close proximity to one another. This way when they move along the reels they will keep on contributing to a win. As long as a win is formed on the reels the Collapsing Symbols feature is active. This means that in a single paid spin you can get many winning spins. This is where the massive payout potential of Jammin Jars comes from. With 3 or more Jar Wilds in close proximity on the reels you can get incredibly high win multipliers and a massive number of winning spins. The end result? Payouts which can easily range in the tens of thousands times the total stake.


When you take a look at the paytable you can be disappointed. The payouts are nothing at all like you would expect from a Cluster Pays slot. The top payout in the game comes from the Strawberry symbol and is set at 100 times the total stake. For scoring this payout you will need to land a cluster of 25 or more Strawberry symbols. But bear in mind that Jammin Jars can easily produce massive payouts of several thousand times the total stake. How?

Well you simply need to take a look at the bonus features combined. Each feature means that one paid spin can easily translate to countless of winnings spins where the win multiplier on the Jar Wild symbols can climb indefinitely. This is where the massive payout potential of the slot is best seen.

Mobile Play

As far as mobile play is concerned don’t worry. All Push Gaming slots are designed to perfectly run on all mobile devices. You can play the game from both Android and iOS powered devices. All you need to is log into your casino account and start the game. From there you can enjoy in everything Jammin Jars has to offer, all from the comfort of your mobile device.


As you can see from everything presented in our review this is a powerful slot with a lot to offer. Yes, the game does take some getting used to, but once you see what it can do Jammin Jars can easily become one of your favorite ultra-high variance slots in the entire industry. Just remember, don’t even think about playing the game without having enough bankroll to cover at least 300-400 spins. This game can easily eat away a lot of balance without hitting a bonus round. You need to be prepared to ride out the cold streaks in order to increase your chances in winning.

Jammin Jars
Reader Rating0 Votes
Win Up to 500 Free Spin